Farmhouse Cascina Il Faggio | Rooms


Photos are the best way to get to know our structure and its atmosphere.
Visitors tell us that our structure, live is even better.
"The land belongs to its owners, but the landscape belongs to those who can appreciate it."

types of rooms

Our rooms are all different. Some of these have been recovered from the ancient original structure. Others ones have been built from scratch, all in response to the needs of our guests, furnished with a good taste and lots of attentions and provided of free WiFi and large windows that overlook on gourgeous landscapes who can be confused with paintings. The rooms are divided into 4 categories

History & Philosophy

Purchased from the farmer Walter in 2002, the farmhouse has been restored with a careful work of upgrading that has not change the original structure.

Today it is ready to welcome you with all its comforts, discovering nature trails and then relax in a unique atmosphere homemade and sophisticated at the same time.

Our expectations about the future, are to relaunch the local and traditional culture and food, making it known and appreciated our contryside and territory and its various rural and post-industrial facets, then we will offer visitors a quality accomodation that can satisfy demanding customers.


Facilities and attention on the small things makes it a cozy and pleasant establishment and specially:


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